Sky3ds plus orange button sky3ds+ dock Zoom

Sky3ds plus orange button sky3ds+ dock

 SKY3DS PLUS is the best one for playing 3ds roms. Sky3ds New 2 buttons are easier and convenient to change roms. It is also easy to use, drag, plug, then play,no diskwriter required. Now, it is working on 3DS 11.4.0 and region free with Freakyhax or Ninjhax 2.9.

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  • Sky3ds Support Any 3DS console. New3DS(LL),3DS(XL,LL),2DS,any region, any firmware (inlucde 11.4.0,11.3.0, 11.2.0,11.0.0, 10.7.0, 10.6.0,10.5.0,10.4.0, 10.3.0,10.2.0,10.1.0,9.6.0,9.5.0)
  • Sky3ds Plug & Play, easy to use, Multi-rom support.
  • Sky3ds Play 3DS game smoothly like a real gamecard(with all saving,load,online game, etc..functions).
  • Sky3ds Compatible with any MicroSD 2GB, 4GB,8GB,16GB,32GB,64GB,128GB SDHC cards.
  • Sky3ds Support exFat, 3ds roms over 4GB can be played directly by Sky3ds+ V130 firmware.
  • Switch game back and forth by two orange buttons;
  • Sky3ds More easier to use,copy and play,no diskWriter required;
  • Sky3ds Compatible with other 3rd party homebrews;
  • AP checks solved;
  • Firmware updatable.